Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Summertime Food: Richard's Famous Hot Dogs

Hot dogs are such a flexible food. They can be prepared steamed, grilled or boiled. They can be served buck-naked or loaded down with extravagant ingredients. Hot dogs can appear differently among various geographic regions. There's always the famous 'Chicago Dogs'. Don't forget about 'Coney Island Dogs' or 'Frankfurters' (Who calls them 'frankfurters' anymore? Old German men with handlebar mustaches and frothy beer steins?).

Whatever you call them, the hot dog is the quintessential summer food. It can be prepared fast, its portable and it isn't heavy. For your summertime hot dog fix, you must check out 'Richard's Famous Hot Dogs' located in Humboldt Tennessee.

'Richard's' is located in a small trailer parked across from the city park. Colorful flags wave you in to the steamed goodness that is located in this wagon of flavor. 'Richard's Famous Hot Dogs', opened in December of 2010 in Humboldt to bring West Tennesseans a wide variety of tasty treats.

Richard Neal serves up a wide variety of hot dogs from the traditional hot dog with mustard and kraut to complex combinations like candied jalapenos and raspberry mustard. One of his more popular hot dogs is his 'Devil Dog'. The Devil Dog is covered in mustard, onions, kraut and his grandmother's 'secret sauce'. "The Devil Dog sauce is a recipe my grandmother used to make. It is spicy but has lot's of flavor. It's not just heat, but tastes good too!" Richard is right. The Devil Dog is a unique spicy, rich flavored dog.

Another popular dog is Richard's Raspberry Mustard Dog. A steamed hot dog covered in mustard, onions, kraut and a sweet and savory mustard sauce. One of my personal favorites, the Raspberry Mustard delivers a taste like no other dog you'll find in West Tennessee.   

Even Richard's traditional Hot Dogs are dressed up with a nice mild tomato based hot dog sauce found in many bigger city hot dog joints. And the buns, the buns are not your simple store bought hot dog buns. The buns are golden rich breaded rolls that can be eaten by themselves.

Richards Famous Hot Dogs is a very affordable summertime treat with most dogs starting at less than $3.00 
Richards offers punch cards for returning customers and is open Tuesday through Friday 10:30-4:00. 
Richard's is located at 585 B North 22nd Street, across from Bailey Park in Humboldt Tennessee.