Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Sweet Treats from Latin Lands

Most West Tennesseans might be familiar with Mexican desserts like flan and sopapillas from the numerous Tex Mex style Mexican restaurants throughout the region. But there are a wonderful number of sweets available in the growing community of Latin specialty markets and taquerias throughout West Tennessee. One of these community jewels is 'Sarai's Panaderia and Taqueria' located in South Jackson Tennessee.

Owner Martin Martinez and his staff offer up a great menu of authentic Mexican dishes like Al Pastor Tacos, Barbacoa Tortas and Chorizo Gorditas. Chef Maria cooks all of her traditional Mexican dishes in the true spirit of Latin American cooking. Fresh ingredients, authentic spices and Mexican cooking techniques all combine to produce some truly amazing dishes.

While the savory dishes of Sarai's are worth the trip alone, it is the sweet treats that they produce that really steal the show. Owner Martinez creates homemade Mexican style cakes for birthdays, weddings and family celebrations. A display case showcases a number of the breads and pastries made in the traditional style.

Some of the items include:

'Conchas' which are traditional Mexican sweet breads. Butter, flour and sugar are combined to create these traditonal breads that are popular breakfast items.

'Empanadas' which are stuffed sweet pastries filled with fruit and covered in sugar.

'Felites' are French inspired pastries that combine butter and dough. (Maria points out that these pastries resemble an 'ear' and giggles. )

'Guayabas' are balls of sweet dough made to resemble 'mountains' that are made from milk, eggs, sugar and butter.

'Pan Fino' are cinnamon covered sweet breads.

'Polvorones' are sweet colorful pastries that resemble cookies.

All of these wonderful treats are affordable, tasty and made fresh daily. Sarai's is located at:

Sarai's Panaderia and Taqueria
1433 South Highland
Jackson Tennessee 38301

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