Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Rebuilding Sams: Day 2

The work on the historical landmark Sam's BBQ in Humboldt Tennessee continued on Saturday, July 28th. Our crew continued work with a new roof being added to the pit and former kitchen. A team of masonry experts descended on the pit to rebuild the fiery furnace that once served up some of West Tennessee's most memorable barbecue.

Scaffolding was erected as members of the team began to paint the exterior of the buildings and many worked inside removing debris from ceiling and walls. The heat from the noon day sun began to heat the necks and backs of the crew as ceilings were torn down and a new image of the once damaged building began to evolve.

During this amazing weekend, word began to spread in the media and local community about the goodwill being carried out by those serving on this team. I was blessed with the opportunity to meet owners and operators of multi-million dollar restaurant chains, videographers, journalists, pitmasters and a host of people who came to give aid to a friend in the barbecue community. In this world of money and attention hungry misfits, it is easy to become jaded and wonder why these people would take time to come and sacrifice money, materials, talent and time for someone many had never even had met.

The answer is simple. Love. Love for fellow human beings in a time of crisis. Love for the deep rooted history that a family has passed on through three generations . Love for a culinary culture that represents the triumph of a deeply held cooking tradition that has endured times of slavery and segregation.

The rebuilding of Sam's will continue for weeks to come. The rebuilding is not simply the piecing back together of a small town food establishment. It represents something far deeper. It represents a very visible symbol of healing in a world where there is very little love being spread around these days. 

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