Sunday, April 1, 2012

Indian Food in Jackson Tennessee!

It has happened! West Tennesseans in the Jackson and Lexington Tennessee areas can now have their onion pakora and tiki masala! ' A Taste of India' is now open 24 hours a day (yes!) at the I-40 exit 93. Based in the back of a truck stop (Yes...look for the Sikh symbol on the gas pumps!) A Taste of India is now offering such treats as curries, dals (tasty lentil dishes) and delicious chaat (a Hindi term used to describe savory snacks.) The restaurant has a Punjabi chef who has been specially trained and cooks some amazing dishes.

Look for photos and more in this blog in days to come. Our World Foods class was a hit! Look for the article about the class in this weeks Jackson Sun newspaper.

Make eating an experience!

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