Monday, April 11, 2011

Burritos, Fajitas and Secret Menus Oh My!

Amidst the retail spaces and strip malls of West Tennessee there is a common theme found among the Fashion Bugs, GameStops and cell phone shops. It's typically a cookie cutter MSG hall of shiny Chinese buffets and Americanized Mexican. Authentic 'pizza', 'tater tots' and 'chicken nuggets' fill steaming hot silver compartments. For a prime example a recent expedition to a newly opened Mexican restaurant that claimed to be 'authentic', I met waitresses who didn't know what 'Mole' or 'Al Pastor' were. Kinda sad.

And lately we have been told of more big chains opening in the area. Sure I'm for growth in food choices in the area, but where are our local restaurants? Where are the mom and pop joints that offer made from scratch menu items that don't come in 'Bourbon Street style', 'two for $20' or 'with our signature sauce'?

There is some hope on our local front. One of the newest entrepreneurs to step up and offer locally created dishes is Sean Stettner's 'The Burrito Meal'.

All of the aspects of The Burrito Meal are quirky and at the same time quite wonderful. The long stretched out building that houses Burrito is located off the beaten path on Airways Blvd. in Jackson. The building is adjacent to a functional barbecue pit. The sign advertising the place is a long banner featuring a colorful rainbow. Quirky...I like it!

The aesthetics of the Burrito Meal symbolize the individuality that Stettner's dishes offer to patrons. Where else can you find a wonderful foot long burrito as thick as your arm stuffed with wonderful meats and sausages for less than seven bucks? How about slow marinated barbecue combined with traditional Mexican spices and seasonings?

The Burrito Meal is not your conventional Mexican restaurant. In fact, it doesn't claim any particular label. The Burrito Meal serves a variety of dishes ranging from the traditional California style burrito to gigantic plates of homemade nachos covered in marinated steak.

The Burrito Meal offers a burger (I know what your thinking, a burger?) Yes! One fine creative dish that takes spicy, rich Mexican sausage and combines it with an all beef patty. The patty is covered with a fresh slice of avocado and covered in cheese. All of this is then placed on lightly toasted Ciabatta bread. Amazing...

For those who regularly frequent The Burrito Meal, you may have noticed the recent addition of Mexican barbecue to the menu. This spicy twist on Southern barbecue will definitely find an audience here in West Tennessee. Stettner is making an effort to unravel new and creative dishes for his customers.

 In fact, The Burrito Meal has a few secret menu options that are not listed on the menu. Sean let us sample one of these and here's a pic. I won't tell you the name of this soon to be released dish, but let me just tell you that it is fantastic!

Sean and his staff are waiting to serve you and at a very reasonable price! The Burrito Meal is defintely a steal!

Burrito Meal
993 Airways
Jackson Tennessee 38301

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  1. Awesome food. Check it out.

  2. ...And then there is this magical sauce. Some say they would drink it over ice, while another fan said she would like it as dessert. I my self eat it as intended, as a dressing or dip-doesn't matter how you choose to try it. It's the perfect balance-The Yin and the Yang. Hot and sweet. This isn't my blog post but I gotta say- the honey chipotle dressing-O-M-G! When you go to The Burrito Meal- and seriously- you MUST! TRY THE SAUCE! good day!