Monday, April 18, 2011

Sweet CeCe's! SAH-WEET!

Answer to a question no one asked: I love ice cream.  It's a fact, that I would choose ice cream over any other food. That doesn't mean I don't love other foods too, I am just saying ice cream is my favorite. If I was given the choice between an eight ounce fillet mignon cooked over open flame to a perfect medium rare OR a pint of ice cream? I choose ice cream. Every. Single. Time.  The only problem I have with ice cream is while on a quest for a healthier, longer living, less heart diseased version of myself-I am forced to dig deep and exhort massive amounts of self control. Leaving me to limit my intake of said goodness to the occasional scoop or two.  So yea, the problem with "my perfect food" is that well...I can't really enjoy it as often as I would like.  Enter the super hero! The knight in shining armor! The Clark Kent to my Lois Lane.....Enter...Da-Ta-dadaaaaaaaa.......SWEET CECE's

It's not ice cream folks, nor does it pretend to be.  Sweet CeCe's is in fact LOW-FAT frozen yogurt.  I know what you are thinking..."I've had fro-yo before, it's no ice cream." Okay, I'll respect your jaded opinion of my new obsession.  To each his own right?  (I'm sure I lost some of you at "steak medium rare").  But trust me, while it may not be ice cream, Sweet CeCe's aint your mamma's frozen yogurt. (Did your mom eat frozen yogurt?)

Sweet CeCe's Jackson opened one week ago tomorrow. And I made it my personal goal to eat there every day their first week.  Mission accomplished!  I attended the free view night last Tuesday night.  People lined up around the building to try a FREE sample of their treats.  I will pause to admit I did not stand in said line (Thanks again for sharing with me Nat!) Two things stand out about the first experience at Sweet CeCe's Jackson (I have visited multiple locations) 1. Even amidst the crowd and the chaos-the owner, Kathy and Sweet CeCe herself, Shoppe manager, Wendi and staff  all seem to be having a great time. They were kind and well...yea, sweet! 2. They generously gave out basically "all you can fit in your bowl" samples and not just a little half cup servings of one flavor.  It seems like to me, they really wanted everyone who came out for their pre-opening to have the actual Sweet CeCe's experience. 

Sweet CeCe's isn't just run in and order some ice cream, oh- no- it's way more fun that that.  You choose from 6 or 8 flavors, don't have to choose, you can get a little of all the flavors if that's what you like. But frozen yogurt is just the beginning....Behold! The Wall O' toppings

And wait- there is more....look at the beautiful fruit! 

The choices are entirely up the individual- the options for combinations are limitless.  The experience is yours to create! 

Keeping in mind that I am above all else a "purest" when it comes to ice cream and sweet frozen goodness so I don't really like to add any of those beautiful toppings. Thus, my average "splurge" at Sweet CeCe's costs me just over $3.00 and 220-280 calories. (totally financially affordable AND nutritionally) But don't let my personal choice discourage you from adding candy and cookies and nuts and fruit till your little 5 year old's heart is content.  No matter what your preference-from the tree hugging-granola eating health nut (i love you by the way) to the super-indulgent-throw caution to the wind-you only live once chocoholic- Sweet CeCe's can meet you where you are and does not disappoint. 

Sweet things to know:  Sweet CeCe's Jackson is located in The Columns at 1142 Vann Drive
                                    Hours are:  Monday-Thursday 11:00 AM- 9:00 PM
                                                      Saturday 11:00 AM-11:00 PM
                                                       Sunday 12:00 noon-9:00 PM

                                     They have a "Punch Card" after 9 punches- your 10th treat is FREE!
                                      Tuesdays are "Two Punch Tuesdays"  SWEET!
                                      You serve yourself and pay by the ounce. (currently .49) TOTALLY worth it!
                                      Wendi Allen is the manager and She is also super sweet!
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And boy are we glad!

Sweet CeCe's Jackson, from your beautifully painted "rainbow sorbet" colored walls, to your almost impossible to describe "Original Tart" frozen yogurt and the fact that I get two punches for every yogurt I buy on Tuesdays, I adore you! See ya tomorrow!


  1. You are more than welcome! I'm going back tomorrow night and would love for you to join me!

  2. Great post! LOVE me some Original Tart. :)