Sunday, March 13, 2011

Jamaica Me Hungry : Good Eats at the Caribbean Hut

When you think of Nashville cuisine, what do you think of? Biscuits at the Bluebird Cafe? Think Nashville is all Southern comfort food? Think again!

Located on Antioch Pike, The Caribbean Hut is serving authentic island dishes from Trinidad. At first glance, the Caribbean Hut looks like a small residential home flanked with Caribbean flags. As we walked into the screened in porch. we were met with statues and crafts from the islands.

The atmosphere of the Caribbean Hut is a total island feel with Caribbean blue walls covered in art and crafts from the Islands.

The menu consists of a number of traditional dishes like braised ox-tail; spicy jerk chicken; curried goat and chicken curry. Sides include fried plantains, meat pies, peas and rice, salads and roti. We decided to try a variety of dishes to get a good taste of the place. 

The curried goat was a wonderful green curry with plump bits of goat meat, potatoes and vegetables. The curry was lightly spicy but not over powering. The braised ox-tail was served in a dark rich gravy with assorted vegetables. The ox meat was rich and fell off the bone. The chicken curry was also served in the delicious savory house green curry. 

The meat pie was delicious with a delicious golden crust filled with seasoned ground beef. The roti was a nice surprise. Roti is a dish that originally came from Asia. It is made from unleavened bread filled with    split peas, cumin, garlic and cooked in clarified butter. The order of roti was so much that we shared it among our party and still had leftovers.

If you like heat, Caribbean Hut makes a special pepper sauce made from crushed habaneros and diced vegetables that is amazingly hot! I personally don't like hot sauces that are simply hot with little or no flavor but this sauce tastes fantastic. Ask for it, as it is not on the table!

For an authentic taste of the West Indies, Caribbean Hut is a hidden treasure in the land of country music. Go check it out!

Caribbean Hut
1316 Antioch Pike
Nashville Tennessee 37027


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