Thursday, March 31, 2011

Lucky for You, Lucky Bamboo!

One of my favorite places to visit in Nashville is K&S World Market. K&S is located on Charlotte Pike and is one of the largest international food markets in the state. Looking for Chinese, Jamaican, Mexican, Japanese, Korean or Indian foods? Looking for shrimp as large as small dogs? Looking for goat meat, snails, pig's head or quail eggs? K&S World Market is the source for finding obscure ethnic foods and seasonings.

During a recent visit to K&S I noticed a new Chinese restaurant  that had opened next door. The 'Lucky Bamboo' is Nashville's only Dim Sum restaurant. I know what your probably saying "Wow, really? Another Chinese restaurant? Another mass buffet of shiny chicken, french fries and non-authentic dishes? No my friends, Lucky Bamboo has some truly nice dishes that take me back to Chinatown. Yes there are some Americanized Chinese dishes such as the traditional sweet and sours but you can also find such treats as steamed pork buns, beef tendon and sticky rice wrapped in banana leaf.

Once you step into the Lucky Bamboo you will find yourself transported back into Chinatown in the Seventies. The retro Asian art and colorful murals will make you forget that you are in the same town as the Grand Ole Opry.

We decided on some traditional favorites. Steamed pork buns, hot and sour soup and fresh fried eggrolls. We then enjoyed the house Egg Foo Young. A spongy, pastry of eggs, shrimp, caramelized onions and 
rich creamy gravy.

For our second dish, we ordered the lemon chicken. Deep fried battered slices of chicken drizzled in a sweet yellow lemon syrup.

Lastly we enjoyed the classic Mu Shu Pork with Chinese pancakes. Tender strips of marinated pork, onion and green spring onions.

Amber has become somewhat of a master at constructing the pancakes for Mu Shu. A savory plum sauce is spread on thin rice pancakes. The pancakes are then filled with the pork and rolled into small hand rolls.

The meal at Lucky Bamboo was tremendous! The food was fresh, plentiful and inexpensive. We definitely return!

Lucky Bamboo
5855 Charlotte Pike
Nashville Tennessee 37209

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